Setup Roku TV – Roku Com Link – Activate Roku Account

Have you purchased a new Roku device? For online TV streaming, firstly, you need to set up the Roku. Whether you have purchased a Roku Box or a Streaming stick, the basic process to setup Roku is similar and simple.

How to Setup Roku?

You can easily complete the setup process by following the below-mentioned Roku setup guide. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • First of all, turn on your Roku device or the device to which your Roku Box or streaming stick is connected.  The very first thing that will appear on your screen is the Roku Power Page.

  • Choose your language that will be used for the Roku on-screen menu system.  For the Roku Tv, you may need to select your region or country you are presently in.

  • Now, you have to connect the Roku TV, box or, stick to the network router to access the internet. The Roku Streaming stick use only WIFI whereas, The Roku TV and BOx can be connected either with the Ethernet cable or with WIFI. If you are using the Wifi to Setup Roku, your Roku device will search for all the networks available. Select your Network and enter the WIFI password.

  • Once your device is connected to the network, a message for software/ firmware update may appear on your screen. If it appears, then let your Roku device to complete the update process.

  • If you are using the HDMI, your Roku device will detect resolution capability and aspect ratio of your TV automatically. After, that, it will set the Roku device video output signal accordingly. If you want then you can change this later.

  • Your Roku remote must automatically work. In case, it requires pairing, instructions and notifications will appear on your screen.

  • Process further to setup Roku and create your account through signup page. Create the username and password. Provide address details and payment method.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions which include details like activation code.  Visit the and enter the code number.

  • A message that Roku device is activated will appear on your screen.  You will see the Roku Home Menu which allows you to access the channels, apps and device operations. In case, you are unable to see the Home menu.

  • A process to setup Roku is complete.

By following the aforementioned Roku Setup Instructions, you can complete the Roku setup and enjoy using the Roku.

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