Roku is a very popular brand for streaming services and compatible with the many platforms. With, users can manage the activation settings and stream the content of their choice online and make the best choice from plenty of options. There are some subscriptions available which allow the users to watch live cable also.  After setting up the Roku account, users need to activate it using the Roku activation code. For help, users are free to visit anytime they want. In this guide, we are going to discuss the process of Roku account setup.

Roku Troubleshooting

Roku Account Setup (Creating account

  • For entering the Roku activation code, first of all, you need to create the Roku account. At ‘Welcome to your Roku account’ screen, click on the ‘Create account’ option.

  • Create the ‘Roku Account Form’ and enter the details.

  • Once you confirmed the agreement, tap to continue and create the account.

For account activation, you need to visit link activate where you have to enter the activation code and proceed further with the process to activate the account. 

Common Errors to occur during the Roku Account setup and Activation

Setup and Activation errors are common to occur while using Roku Streaming Device.  The reason could be unfamiliarity of the users with link activate the process.

Even the small mistakes, for example- loose cables can cause trouble in setup and activation.  For some issues, the user is responsible whereas some problems occur due to problems like connectivity errors, link activates errors due to incompatibility, etc.

Things you need to take care of during link activate:

  • Always use the valid username and password to connect to the network. This will help you to avoid network issues.

  • Double-check the cables and make sure that they are properly connected to their respective slots.

  •  To troubleshoot the problems, you must know the significance and reason behind the problem you are facing.

  • While activating the channel, you need a Roku Link pin. Make sure that you enter the correct pin as only this can secure you from any sort of unauthorized access.

So, these are some simple instructions you need to follow for Also, take care of the aforementioned things while activating your Roku account.  These factors will help you to complete the activation process without any hassle. Link Code Activate