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Using Roku is the most convenient option to stream online content. All you have to do is – plug in the Roku to your TV’s HDMI port and connect to the internet. To use Roku, you need to activate it and for that, you will need the Roku activation code. The code gets displayed in the Television screen once you connect the Roku player. The process to activate the Roku is very simple and easy. But, many times problem arises in the Roku Activation and Setup. Most of the issues arise because of the wrong implementation of steps for Roku setup and activation. Thus, make sure that you follow the guidelines carefully and enter the right Roku activation code to activate your Roku device. One thing you need to take care of is a network connection, your internet connection must be uninterrupted and stable during the process.

Roku Troubleshooting

How to Activate the Roku?

Roku Streaming player allows the users to stream their favorite shows and channels either using the wired connection or wireless connection. It takes the input from the network through the router and displays the output on the user’s television through HDMI audio/video cable. For all this, a user needs to activate the Roku device using the Roku activation code. Here are the steps that how a user can activate the Roku device without any hassle:

  • Prepare your television for the setup by connecting it to the power supply.

  • Pair the Roku with TV using the HDMI cable. Plugin the one end to the Roku port and the other end to the Television’s HDMI port.

  • Another thing you have to make sure is that you connect5 the cable properly to the respective slots.

  • After that, select the right sequence of the HDMI port on your Television screen as an input.

  • Connect your device to the internet using a wired or wireless connection.

  • Make sure that you have entered the right credentials to activate the Roku account.

  • Once the device is connected, it’s time for the activation.

  • Log in using the username and password. If you do not have an account, create one now.

  • After this, you have to update your device to the latest version available.

  • Visit the Roku activation link and enter the link code the box appears.

  • You will get the activation code. This code is unique and can be used only a single time.

  • Enter activation code Roku will activate your device.

Once you are done with the Roku Activate and setup, you can select and subscribe the Roku channels according to your choice. For the detailed guidelines, you can check the ‘Roku Channel’ section. Usually, the Roku Activation process takes a minute after you enter the Roku Activation Code, but if the process is taking more than a minute then check and make sure that your device is properly connected to the TV. Also, check for the internet connection. These things are very important to consider while activating the account and once you are done, you can stream the channels of the choice whenever you want.

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